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        Location San Francsico

        Adderess:330 Sutter Just up off 300 grant St Noble shoe's In side The Stockton Garage Entrance.

        Thay have nice shoe's for a nice price.NOBLE SHOES


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        Fon Fluevog Gust down the street on Grant ST 253 Grant..

        This place Is a grate place to get some shoe's. Most of the shoe. Are 100 Dollars or more. Nice shoe's

        These Shoes are hand made too. Thay have different style's then Noble Shoes.

        Both of these shop are the place's to get yuneek type Shoe's.

        For party's or dinner's you know what i mean. Different. Juhn Fluevog Ckeck it out .

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          The thrett is on. We can only go on, and ceep the positive materix moving, in the way we proceive.

          This is The Westen.

          Location: San Francisco CA

          In side the Westen's main enterence.Is the Club DUCCS.

          The DUCCS is a good place to kickit .Relack's and have a drink or two.

          In side the DUCCS .There is is fine dinning .For a hansome price thay have good food.

          DUCCS a good quality of food. Good tasting haa.DUCCS

          Up stairs the 17th floor Lounge, Another good place,To have some drinks.

          The 17th floor Of the WESTEN . For you, that like to have drink's in a hier place.

          The 17th floor LOUNGE.The place to go.FRIDAY-SATTERDAY-SUNDAY a

          Grate time to go To the 17th FLOOR Lounge.

          Adderess 200 Stevenson just off Market st one block thurd & Stevenson 200 Stevenson The WESTON

          Parking Turn on stevenson to the left is ,the Weston underground parking facillity .


          Now The Weston HOTAL

          Is In Tahiti .With that out side lounge.Over looking the beach.YA The Weston Hotal AU HA Hotal BEACH .

          This is Barcelino

          This is the place to get cloths

          Barcelino Thay have thing like .Men's sute's Nice talerd . Lot's of differ'int style's. Nice sute's.

          Barcelino also has regular cloths as well nice.

          Barcelino women's wear vary nice all asortment's of color's and fashion .Vary nice. Grate style's for dinner or regilar party's. Or just hanging around. Nice cloths for a nice price. Bareclino

          Location.San Francisco Addeeress:Go to 100 KEARNY and turn right on 100 Post.It's right next to Charles Schwab

          Come and check it out.Nice cloths for a nice price. Barcelino


          If this is the way .This is a story

          This is so hot ,that we can . And we know that,! I me can be inter twined in the place . ! So i can see, in what we as two can be .?Can this mean that we are together in this .!In what, I can see. In you. Can this be this thing, that . That we can be in. ! This, that's all of what we think ,when we were in this that is. We are in together .I may need you all the time's. That i think about .What is going on. When I think. Of what is ronge with this that we are.! When we are apart. ?So do you think. In this way. Or do you think .Init some other way . ? Can you insifer these thouts. That i have.! When i think of you. With in these. Way's that i run in . ? Can i be. Or can you fill with in me. In these time's. That i start to fill so free. ! When i start to think of are relation ship. And start Running and run so free . ? Do i forget. About you, can you tail. When this happens .! The ways. Thay get so wild. ! That i can. That i will be. So i can remember you. The way that it was .We as two. Can only be as one.? Can you know. What i am . ! I Can see. That this is you. That i want . ? Can this be .Is this for Two .You and me . ! I Know that this is. The way's .But i am. In this so deep .I can't tail. What is to be . ? Can you know. What i am saying,! when i am in this, that we can. And will not understand.So i can beleive. What you are . When i am in this place. That i find . In my way .! When i am. In thout . That we can and will be together .You And Me .! We will be in this . So we Can be together . It's to what i fill Into.! What you will fill . ? Can we be . ! Is this the way .I know. It is hard to understand . ! In this we will be. In this place that. The understanding will be . So we will See .? Can you be with me .? Can you see.! What we can be. This is the way. We will come. Together in are time . So i and you will see .We will win this together . LoFF

          :Writer:Pete Winterowd