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This is an affiliate web site.

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This is a BCbasile00 Web site . This is A Store / To day we all are making money. Tomarrow we will even make more. Don't, Be miss undertood, in the time for tomarrow, will bring a new understanding on what makes us happy , And what make are world go round.
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  • Give me a ring tomarrow , and we will talk about what we are doing in this time. And for what in this time have we gotten into. This is the place, were we can get, a staff of are peair's. Don't bring the waist into the water . It could couse a bind in the faberic of space .?Do you understand.! Maby i understand, what ,you are saying to me. But i don't think the rest do. !Thay will understand in time . Untill then, We whon't bring any thing in to the elliment of this time .

    Writer: Pete Winterowd

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    This is an affiliate web site..



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      What ,will happen if the contamination , is to invalved and we cann't stop it fast enuff .If we, cann't ,get enuff of the contaminett ,out of this hole ,we may have to move every, thing out of this hole, in order to save the hole it self. Yes ,it would be better ,to take the hole out ,to stop the in flecttion , that it has with in it's self, and all the others, that mite be in the facinity , of the arigginale hole .

      **_________________________________:This is a story:___________________________________________________________________**

      I have come to this place to understand you and all that has and will be in this magnificent's, that i have found while i was flying thrue the stars on my way to know place. But, then i had seen, this place. So i wanted to see you, and all things that i can find. Not only this or the peaple, all the spactacilar aromas that can and will follow the pathes, that we and i will decifer with this time ,that we have past by. You, and by them. And the one, that we don't want, to understand in this time space. I will bring this back to were i and we can retain this, that we don't understand. So we can have more time to be together in this place that we have found. .





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      This is a store as well as a affiliate website. We can say ,that ,we can in fact ,see the effect's of the comperyhintion ,that is in valved in this, prossess of alimmitation, of these hole's !. So, that ,this infection .Can be ,undercontrole. !Yes ,we can show ,the actual consept of alimmitation of this in fection ,that is plaging this hole and other's in the facinity.

      Writer: Pete Winterowd

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      Writer: Pete Winterowd

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      KTon is the only thing, That is on the right way's.That i have thout about in this apptibute . So we, can think of the way's ,that we can indour and remember, in the place's, that are in are mind's, and in are hart's . So in this time, we mite be within the way's, that we can see, with in the dream 's , that have came to us ,so many centuries ago.Only this can be with in us .We can understand ,that this is in our place's. Not to think in the way's, that thay do.But in this way. We mite be with in the right frame of mind to know, what we are in. In this, place ,that we are in .So we don't half to decifer, with;'in this way' that we are in at this time. We have disscoverd, are way's. So we can and will be in this . So we will be together in this place. There is nothing, that any body can do about that . ?Are we, in this to gether with the rest of these gather's ,Or are thay jusy hanging around . !That is somthing ,that we have to find out, be for we continue this way we are in . !We all mite be here in this place But we all are not in this, Lof that is , with;'in us. So we mite ,have lost some of are own. It is hard to tail. So we mite have some harsh filling in this matter. We can only hope, that all is still with in reach of us .

      Writer: Pete Winterowd

      She should come down from the mountain. We won't half to wait, She won't be lost . She knows how to get around as good as i do . So don't worry about, this any more. You are just bringing your self down.

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      Writer: Pete Winterowd

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      Writer: Pete Winterowd

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      Writer: Pete Winterowd

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      Shelter iland
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