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This is a cell. So we can see what this is doing .

    • Maby, you can understand, into what, we have been in.IN these times, of what has been said, when ,we can be with ,this enciferentce .You know, what i mean, when ,we can see the fire ,that has been in are eyes, for so long that it has become part of are being .!So you can begin in this .That we have shared in with this. These flames of are libberty, that is still going throue us, and the twilight's that saurounds us, even to day. We may remember the day's. When are light's were, the only thing ,that we had, when we lernd how to move the day and keep are place stronge. So, we as, who we are, will be the things that gets rememberd in all the way's, that has been insifered into all things, that half to be in the time, that we mite share.!What it is, that is with in are relms, of this and all way's. That has been with us.! So you, can here within this relm, that we are in when we move into this direction,. That we will find with in are paths, that we have gotten are selves in apon, in this energy, that we have flowing in side and out side are selfs.! So ,this is what we will make .Stringth ,that will ceary you and us ,in and thrue are addvinters ,Threw out this faze of are being.

      Writer Pete Winterowd

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          • The following is a vary spactaculare thing to indour, In all of this we can go, and then we can come to be, in this place that, we are in. In time we can be what ever, we can be in this place that, we are in right now.! So if you can be then. All things can be with in reach of use. I bring this to are attention. So I and you mite understand, what this place is, and what these, others are doing. If we can understand. Then we will have not a problem. When we find, that we are in this place.We must foc'is on us to bring these thing's to order and bring are self's, back to were it was, that we had left .In this, we know ,that are place is there, and not here ,So we will half to find are order, in this place, So we mite get back as soon, As we can, For we have things waitting for us in this other place of are's.

            Writer Pete Winterowd

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            • This is one to remember.

              This is the magic .The true magic.

              Can't you tail look .That is real.You can tail.

              She is hot.She is. Look at it .She's a totle babe.

      • This is along time ago .This is hot. I remember this one.This, one is still in my mind.I add'mit, i was still a zombie, but i can't get over this. Honey wow
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    • We can bring this back to you in time .When ,we get to this place were, we can get these thing moving in the right direction .So this will still take quite some time but we will soon be were we can get to the right place that open's. Then we will talk about, What we must do to prevent this from happening agin.

        This is the worst possible thing to acuer.

        Writer Pete Winterowd

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          Writer Pete Winterowd

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        This way ,We no, if this is one, On the run. You ,No we can see in this, That you and I can only know. So we think that, This is the only right way to think in this sight and of this mind we are using at this time .So that the understanding is right on with what is happening here .So we can go on with, What it is that we have done, and of what we undersand.

        Writer Pete Winterowd



      • Set forth to me, and to all that has been in the blade,And that has been in the places, that create's. This time', This is were we all half to be at this time. To beleive in this bracett, that we live in.In time we all go on to the place's, were we can be. And to plunder in the greatness ,that has surounded us for so many centure's. In this time we can only ,beleive' in, what' we, are doing. This will be the thout, that get used, To in were we, mite' want to go on ,in this place. We are in this world ,this is the oldest place there is. To be in the ways that is preceived in all of us. We can see the time, when we came into this mass interigence. To see what we have become. So that we as the leader's of interdissceion.This is to them. The only thing that should be on are minds at this time,Is that we can only begin in this place. So we must remember, that at ,,this time ,We understand that we can go on..

        Writer: Pete Winterowd

        • This is my altimment one of all.

          This, I and my zombie ways.

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            • We see raier sign of this .We go, to only ,this, and then we go back to, this raierity, that has confuse us for so meny cenceries .That only give's, me ,the insight, in it's full way;s, That is when we start playing the old song's, that only we know. So, we only get to see the understanding,s, thay have. Not to relay only retreive a segment of what is truely, what thay could be.But we see.,the all'teration,s ,that is aufolded in are wisdom. So you will see every thing, that is to be, on the writting .That we have seen, in all of the aspectes of this, and that, and in the other way ,that has been sode and talk about in a millon differant ways .

              Writer Pete Winterowd

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                  • This is Tripod's NetFlix

                  • Savering this time we are in, as we got to be, as we were wondering around, in these old trail that we have had, in are times when were the one's, ho first went to gather these spacktaculare memmorys, that have been in these, wildernessess that we have come to find, in this, that is wondering within these trails of wonder. This is one of the most, spacktacular thing's there is within this, that has to be, within these wildernessess that we will, allways come to be, within are selfs, and with the friends that we share are companyonship with' within these trail of are wonder that we mite have, with in are minds that is when we turn down, this way that we find within, these trail that we, go to when we are in these shadows that are ,within these other dreams, that are in, these new ways, we have turnd to be oppon, in are wondering in these forists that we lof, so mutch. Now that we have gottin use to this! the wondering, with in these trails that we have seen, in are times, that we wonder in these spacktacularearyites we have grown to lof, when it is that' that we can see and this is the ways that can get, us back to these grounds, that are with in this that we can, only know within, are wonder that is to be ,As we go to see these other ways that are within these forist that we lof so mutch. In are time of are wonderings.

                    Writer: Peter Winterowd

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                      This is the way .We see. The wase's of the earth. The moon and the stars. If you don't understand .This is the way, it sound's to me .When this acuer's the sound is the most acuer'it thing in this palice. So now you understand. What i am saying to you. When, I am in this palice .So there ,is know reson, to go with the nolage, that ,it is ,to difficult to do, these thing's, that are in your mind and in your body an sole.

                      Writer Pete Winterowd

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                      Give this to a Good foundtion. This is part of the intier grid. That we all will share .

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            • Me and you .! Will be able see ,in the way's . That are set forth, by us. And understand in, what we have stuck back for are. Day's,of forth. Of and the. Whit of are structure"s. That we had sent for. In to, are day's. Of are right's. So, we will be in. The casumes, of are lands. That, we have worked. So hard for. In are time's .knowing ,the way's. That have come to us . And," ! that we have. Made in the time's. Of the passing. Are ,table of contentment's are full .! So we my continue. In are mith. That is running. Out of controle .In the way's .That we have. Set forth, in the time. That we may. Remember, what it is . That we have. Forgotten about, thrue out the centuies. So to day. We may remember. The words that. We have spoke. To each other. Back, when we. All cared about. ! What we are. And not what. We have become.

            WE can. Understand this time. This is the way. To be free. In this way .! We can move it. In any manner.Go. We can. And we will . So,this is it. The way we are. Or the way's, we have forgotten about. Maby, this will in light'in the way'S, that we have fallen under. This will work out for some of us, that still can understand, and remember our ways.

            Writer Pete Winterowd

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        • What is ,Is the timing that acers, when we get to see the things, that have crost, this, that we have been .It is the time that we get to be in, this intueitive, that we have disscoverd, with in the cavern, that have been in .In this place, that is when we got are selfs in this. that is'nt within ,are part of are self's. That can and that we can't be within. When we find, that way that is spinning in these eliments, that we think about when we are in these tranqillitys we have .In its time. We only, and you can be. It is the time it has to be. With the raerer things that is .It will be these things, that are the sight that is to be. Not when we see the crossing of this land deep in these earth's that we find, but in these syes that we can understand, when it is with in are being's, that are with in the caverns that we mite have past thrue in are way ,That is the only way, that we can be, with in are ways, we have left behind .It has been some time, we ,have left these thing's .That are in are ways. That some how.We can remember. And understand were, we must have been. When these thing's ,that are in this way.That we may remember are .! It's these times ,that are in these intelliquists that make up how we are in this, that we have come to be within..

          Writer: Pete Winterowd

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              • I and we have learnd to be, in this, that we have not nown, in are lives. Is this ,the ways that we have allways, heard and nown about .Is this the way , is this the only thing that we can and will remmember,, when we all come to see, this that is to be ,its the right .That is in the. The thouts we learn about, in are paths ,that we choose. When we are apart, and when we dream . When we are apart in these world that are. Are so crule in are lights .That is when we all get sepperated in are ways, when the others stop careing, in welth and are being with in are ways. That we have groun to be in. In are lives.So is this suppost to be the way, that is to be. When we give in to all of what is to be within are beings .This can be what has happen to all that have been with in this that isn't all of this that is, to be. With are care, that we have for all of us.And the family that we have and that ,LOF being with this that is to be.

                Writer:Pete Winterowd


                  Ceck, In this plesent thing ,we have found,in this sand, that has fallen down from the sky"s,We had past under .The last time we were to gether, in this mind's eye. Do you understand in this :in what we have found In the LOF, that we have,, when we are to gether in the world ,that we mite live in, at the time's, when, we gather are self's .When we can bring the mind to us. So ,we can be to gether in, this and all places, in all world's ,that we may, go to and live in ,.So we will understand the way's we are headed in. In the time's of LOF . So ,that we will find are self 's.All that we have is the eco's of are mind's, that we half to live with in. We will find resone;s in ,what is said ,with in are way's .That we have thout about .This has came to us when we were moving in the way"s of are LOF, that has come from the depth of the thing 's ,that we share. When ,we are together in are places. So we can understand ,when, we are in other places .That we mite find ,when,we' are out in the world . So, we know, that are LOF, will stand any were, that we mite be .And ,that are understanding' will follow us ' know matter ,what mite happen ,as' we go thrue these places of LOF.

                  Writer Pete Winterowd

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                  Hy,Im glad you made it. Now all we half to do is figuer out what we are doing. That's right I am talking to you. You out there. Can you here me. I know you can .That wy i'am in the mitt'st of all this. That is happening. In this round. We should'ent have any problem's.You Get ,what you need. I will get what i think we all need. And that is the way it is going.

                  Writer Pete Winterowd

                  The gravity is hard to walk in when you havent' been hear be for. But we will get you'st to that in time. We will understand what we are going to do . This buisness is going to be the tool's we are going to need . In a few month's we will see a change in what we are doing . You know what I am saying. If not you will as time go's on . This is the thing .We all half to understand we are not alown in all of this. You get my meaning .ThATS THE RIHGT THING Gess we all half to get to gether soon.

                  Writer Pete Winterowd

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        • Going ,to do with,' what ,It has said, In the times of fork lore, Becoulse ,this is the only thing. That is going right, now, So we will ceep, this on the road. There will be no dissapoinment ,in this becoulse, there is only ,the lore ,that is lisoning at this time .So we can continue with the arrangments, that have profoled oppon us, as we have past thrue ,this passage, that we all now. That is the only thing, that we can do. So, we will continue. While we bring ,this to us, and to all, that are, or whon't to be, with in this magnifficint arangment ,of this segments.

          Writer Pete Winterowd

        • Someone To Watch Over Me...

          A burglar broke into a house one night. He shined his flashlight around, looking for valuables. He picked up a CD player to place in his sack, when a strange, disembodied voice echoed from the dark, saying, "Jesus is watching you." He nearly jumped out of his skin, clicked his flashlight off, and froze. When he heard nothing more after a bit, he shook his head and continued. Just as he pulled the stereo out so he could disconnect the wires, clear as a bell he heard, "Jesus is watching you." Freaked out, he shined his light around frantically, looking for the source of the voice. Finally, in the corner of the room, his flashlight beam came to rest on a parrot. "Did you say that?" he hissed at the parrot. "Yep," the parrot confessed, then squawked, "I'm just trying to warn you." The burglar relaxed. "Warn me, huh? Who in the world are you?"

          "Moses," replied the bird.

          "Moses?" the burglar laughed. "What kind of people would name a bird Moses?" "The same kind of people that would name a pit bull,


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                That night

                Warden , I don't want my son to die. I'm sorry , but the law demands he hang's for his crime. Sir , may i ask you a question? Yes, ma'ma.

                Next morning

                It's time . Let's go.(Gulp) Aren't we going the wrong way? The gallows is out in the yard. Keep moving. Here's your pardon . You are free to go home. What??? But I was Supposted to hang for that crime. It's been taken care of. Someone already hong in your place.

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          • I can get what i want, When i waunt.

              When we write in this language. We like to know what, it is that, is happening to the mind .So we might, try to cut to the chase, of the words. So we can, so you understand that, when you are writting. To write what is in your own head, and not to try to think of what other poeple, are or have writtin be for you. Do what you can percieve at the time you are witting. So that you or ho ever else is reading this, that you have written in this papper won't get confused in this way of writting. That's the way you can do this at any time that you will see fit to write. So this is the understanding that we will procieve, at this time so we will understand this way and watch for others that mite want to do this, or try to do this, and understand what is going on with this style of coherince.

              Writer Pete Winterowd

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              • I have seen the sign of this matrix,that has been it. Are mith, for this century,that is wy, you only have seen, the way of the ring ,that is passed down to you, in the form of this band that we here with in the night & the day .Eco'ing in and out of this mith'icle arena that we live with in .We will find it the time of this matix. That we will find more, in this form and in other forms. The place ,that we will descover is with in the matrix. Althoue we fine the matrix in this form ,we can now understan, That this is, what this majestice' energy can present to us, so we can understand ,what this energy is ,that has been flowing thrue us, for sutch along time, that we just started to understand.

                Writer Pete Winterowd

                This can and will be one of the best way,s there is . So we all are in this place .No one no;s, what is going on in this ,But we can tri to understand how we are ,For some memorys are, and can get lost ,

                but there is Know misstaking the feeling's that come .When we are in are mith;s ,not the mith;s ,of the other.That are here to confuse use ,and rouin are own essence,With in are own place's.These negitives are set forth, thrue this time ,We all half to understand ,that, this is the place .

                That it all .Has happen befor. The times, that we have made in this. we all have made .So what can happen in this negive state we can understand. We have work, to do in this matix, befor we can understand what it is,that we have seen.

                Thay have destoid place's befor in the form of someone els's place's . Thay can and will be mixed and confuse by use .So we must beAwere and awake be for the essencess's are to far cerupped. And are own essencess ,become damaged. In the ways there are people that can understaned .


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              THIS IS THE PLACE

              This is the way we whoun't to go , and see ,the way, that thay have perceived ,in the time when,.

              We had passed thrue this, were thay have went to. And then that had told us about.

              What is going on in, this time. Thay had passed thrue time

              elliment's. So we can go on. knowing what thay

              have said to use and continue are jurny thrue this elliment with some peice of mind.

              Writer Pete Winterowd

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