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This is a BCbasile00 web site .This is a store

This is bctasile this is a store

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    This is a true story

    We were at Saint Antthy's Dinner . We were standing in line to eat. Every thing seemed Ok. So we fine'ly made it in side.We got are plate and sat down to eat. About that time this dude, that was behind us came and sat down. Then, this gard showed up standing be hind the dude .He got on his radio. And said code yellow ,Then he grabbed the man that was eating.Grabbed him by both armes, and halled him out side, and i never seen him agin.

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    For Sale

    Vintage PhotoGraffs

    Vintage photoGraffs Dating from 1930's to 20012,

    Photo's Like city landscapes to people to car landscapes. Photo's are from a San Francisco Man.

    For Price and more information Call Roy Raul Kerr RodRigues Phone number415 771-8325 or 623-8479

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  • This is a little story about this weeping willow:

    Down by this river! This was a tree by an old river. One day the tree started weep. For some reason!. This tree had some friends. A squiral and a bird. What the weeping tree didn't understand is a cat had move in. The cat had not eaten the bird, but had chased it a way . The squral and the bird were friends .So the squral would run blocker for the bird. So the bird kept getting away. Till finly the tree started to weep becoulse, the tree could not see the bird and squral in the reflection of the river any more.! What the tree didn't understand was that cat had taken over this spot ,by the river. Day's had gone by . Finlly the refletion of the river had seen the cat . Now the tree dos'int fill so alown .Thoe the tree .Still miss'es his other two friends . The river is now showing the tree the grace of the new animale living in the tree's. These are good thing to have around .The tree seems to agree. Now the tree dos'int seem to weep as mutch as it was . But in the tree's and the land around it, will allwase remember, the other's .So the tree will now alwase weep.

    Writer:Pete Winterowd

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    This is AllThings Luxury


    Thank you and we hope you enjoy our website

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    This LOF is with in the way that you & me mite have givin, with in this, that we mite have gave, in this specal moment, that we share.This is the insight, that we can bring to the light, that has shined down oppon us, in are time of the essence of this LOF, that is to be, in this essence of what is and what is not to be .And what is to be. That is what we half to learn about. In are way of this LOF, that is growing with in us . So we mite be in the stimmulus. That we share .In this, is the way. That is to be. And the way. That is not to be .This is with in are ways. We can be these things, that we think about ,in are time of this LOF, that has sharounded us. When we had this wisper within are mind's. As we were spinning ,with in are own essences .That is the way, of This LOF that we have fallen under. In are time.

    Writer: Pete Winterowd

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            This is also the way we get to perform in this place so don't thrett it is all going to work out.


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