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GREPOLIS this is a game.

This Game is a battle.

Gates will open and let you in to the battle GREPLOIS

Click and play to day.

This is dariobusch these are book's

You like to read .You will like these book's.

These book's realy good some scary some not"

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This is somthing to for the next web sit.


This is Noble shoes. This is the place to get handmade shoes.

Noble shoes. Real nice yuneek style's Wemon's & men's. One of the places to buie shoes .

Location San Francsico

Adderess:330 Sutter Just up off 300 grant St Noble shoe's In side The Stockton Garage Entrance.

Thay have nice shoe's for a nice price.NOBLE SHOES


This is another. Place to get yuneek style's of shoes .

Fon Fluevog Gust down the street on Grant ST 253 Grant..

This place Is a grate place to get some shoe's. Most of the shoe. Are 100 Dollars or more. Nice shoe's

These Shoes are hand made too. Thay have different style's then Noble Shoes.

Both of these shop are the place's to get yuneek type Shoe's.

For party's or dinner's you know what i mean. Different. Juhn Fluevog Ckeck it out .


    This is noahwasright

    Be Prepared! Don't wait til its too late!

    Here you can get bulk food.Stock up for a dissaster,Or just stock up for your self.

    We have milk by the 5galon buckit.100%pure milk.

    Breakfast Variety 27,420 Calories - Oatmeal, 6 Grain Cereal, Honey Granola &Texan Sunrise Skillet.Entree Variety with 21,370 calories 8 Delicious meals!

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This is sky: This is a story

Thee sky thee deep blue skys, that we see ,when we dig in with these way's that we mite run into, within are megestic paths, that we find, when we get to the things that only we are. These skys are the things that we mite won,t. We can see these wonderfull sight's, that these places bring, to what we can see. When we look up and we see these wonderfull things, that pass by are eyes. Within these colors of blue's ,that has been presented to are eye's. For these wonderfull thing's, that we mite, not understand at this time. We see these thing's ,that will bring this to gether, with in these wonderfull color's of sight . These sight's we see are the thing's, that we can remember in these times of the sitrexmatrax, that has been said, to be the only thing, that is with in these sky's, that we see .These endless arangments of color's, that are in these endless sky's. These sky's make you fill like there is somthing real to beleive in, in are time. These beautyfull arangmeants ,that we see, in the early morning, when we first get up and look out side. These endless spaces, that we first incounter, when we take that first breath .When we sye at the oaw's, that we see in these sky's. These sky's that make us wunder, what is and what is to be happening ,all thrue, are new day we have wokin up in.As we make it in thrue this new day and into the night.In this we see the changes that acure as these, these skys change in this new sight ,that we see as the night set it's wings in. It's wings of change .These night sky are as brillant as the day sky's .The brillants of these night skys are and will bring these breath taking sight's and bring them in to, what we mite won't to beleive in.These night sky we will remember in and all threu the night till these new days have come and the new morning arisess with in are eye's.The skys These blue skys .These skys that make all wunder what is and what is not in are lives.

:Writer:Pete Winterowd

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