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  • In on the timptation, that we have in are intenction,!that mite have thout about in are day's we have lived in .Passing thrue and passing by the contincion, that we have had,In the binds of this interception, we have to live in. We can beleave in what we have lived. Now we all have lived and breathed this area, that have been in this time when are cottemption was fresh in are minds.So we don't half to forget to get into this area, that we all have seen and been in.

    Writer:Peter Winterowd

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    Wave in the ocian are big to day ,Hopfully tomarrow, the wave won't be as big.

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    Jed the pilot, Won't fly over grace canyon. __________________________

    h3>Peace,! Is the harmony, that we share in this world and in these place's, that are with in are reach .Within the site, that we mite find when we are moving thrue this mist, that has passed us as we were looking for are sight and are ways, that we have felt in the air, that we breath .In the harmony, that can be with in are way's. In the ways we can get are selfs into this gacefull additude, that we herd about in are tranckfull harmony's we have fallen in now and for ever. Can we see this in are passing of are thout's, that we have, when we are dreaming of this tranckfull path that we have walked on in this that has come to us , that has become the wase that we have or are thinking about. For now and from then. This will be the wase that we can understand .For this is with in are harmony's. So we have began in are perception that you and i have that is when we look into the wase that we have had to geather and apart.

    Writer:Pete Winterowd:

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